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Reviewing Types of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Participating in any group of fans is going to give people something of an education. No one is going to know everything there is to know about a particular fan group from reading a few things in advance, of course. It is also true that the motorcycle fans are distinctly different from many others just because of the nature of their particular fandom. Riding a motorcycle is an experience. It is a very visceral and very emotional experience at almost any point, and it is the sort of thing that inspires a great deal of powerful feelings. Part of getting involved with this subculture is sharing in those experiences, and not just absorbing the information in an academic manner.
However, having some sort of an academic background on the subject can help. People who want to be able to talk intelligently about the subject of Harley Davidson motorcycles should at least know Harley Davidson model names and the main model categories. It is also a good idea for them to know which models have a tendency to be favored among the people who ride Harley motorcycles frequently. From there, they should have a framework for the knowledge that they will need in order to succeed within the Harley Davidson subculture.

Knowing Harley Model Names and Harley Model Characteristics

One of the things that is going to distinguish nearly any group of enthusiasts is that they’re going to have something of a specialized vocabulary. Enthusiasts will seem to speak the same language in a way that will make people on the outside feel like foreigners in their own homelands. Harley Davidson motorcycles really do come with their own special vocabulary attached.

The five model types that people are going to need to know with regards to Harley motorcycles are as follows: Softail, Sportster, Dyna, Touring, and V-rod. These are really five model families, since there are plenty of other motorcycles within these particular categories.
Many people who are new to the subculture are going to have a very difficult time telling the Harley motorcycles apart according to the model types. Looking at a cursory photograph isn’t going to cut it for a lot of people. There are certain trends to keep in mind when looking at the different model types, however, and these should be enough to guide people towards the correct identification of the Harley model types.
The Softail models, for instance, tend to lack visible shocks. As long as people are able to identify the presence of shocks on sight, they will be able to recognize the Softail bikes. For people with even less motorcycle knowledge, then the Softails can also be identified by the fact that they tend to be situated slightly lower to the ground then a good portion of the other motorcycles that people are going to see produced by Harley Davidson. V-rods have a much more elongated frame, which should make them easily identifiable to anyone who sees them.
If there is a chain or a belt on the right side of the bike in question, then it is probably a Sportster. Sportsters also tend to have an overall very narrow size and shape, which is automatically going to make them stand out among many of the other motorcycles. Sportsters tend to have noticeably narrow forks as well. Sportsters tend to have smaller fuel tanks that a lot of other bikes. They do vary in terms of their engine sizes, like all Harley motorcycles, but these are the ‘sporty’ bikes, as their name suggests. Maneuverability and grace are more important than sheer power when it comes to these particular bikes.
Some people are going to end up confusing Dyna bikes and Sportster bikes, which is the sort of rookie mistake that can actually mark someone out as a rookie who at least has a passing familiarity with the subject. However, the Dyna bikes are going to have much wider frames, and they will also tend to have larger fuel tanks and very large engines overall.
The Touring motorcycles have a tendency to have hard saddlebags and front fairing. Touring motorcycles also have a fairly long frame, at least relative to the other Harley Davidson models. The motorcycles within the Dyna category have visible rear shocks as well as left side drive.

The Best of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

As people might expect, talking about the best Harley Davidson motorcycle is the sort of thing where everyone is going to have an opinion, and it will be very difficult to get people who have differing opinions to agree. When the average biker is asked what his or her favorite motorcycle is, he or she is usually going to point to the one that he or she has been driving for all of these years. The bike may not be objectively better in any way. However, people will develop their personal preferences for these bikes for lots of different reasons.
Still, there is going to be some overlap in terms of the bikes that are favored by motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. People who are able to praise and talk confidently about these bikes are going to win a few points with some motorcycle enthusiasts. They will demonstrate that they know what makes a Harley Davidson bike a good bike if they are able to describe why the best bikes have earned the distinction of being the best bikes.

FXR Motorcycles

Many people have positive memories of getting their first FXR motorcycles. Anyone who wants the motorcycle equivalent of a sports car should definitely look into this absolutely classic Harley Davidson motorcycle. It’s one of the earliest Dyna motorcycles, and could be considered almost a proto-Dyna Harley Davidson motorcycle.
The FXR is also the sort of bike that lots of people who love modifying their bikes are going to like. People who enjoy upgrades are going to be able to get a lot of mileage out of this bike, literally and figuratively. Of course, a great deal of enjoying a motorcycle is just appreciating its stance and the way that it tends to balance and position itself. The FXR looks like the truly mighty bike that it is.
The FXR did not last for a long time, so it is sort of a dream that was for a good portion of Harley Davidson riders today. Some of the younger members of the subculture might not actually have firm memories of this bike, and they may have only ridden it in the company of older Harley Davidson riders. However, this is a bike that handles magnificently well, and a lot of people are still going to have bikes like this on hand.

Sportster Motorcycles

The FXR is a specific bike. However, the people who are looking at different model categories of Harley Davidson motorcycles are going to want to know which of the model categories that they should try, and which of the model categories have the best bikes. Naturally, it is going to be very difficult to determine which bikes are objectively the best, given the level of subjectivity involved.

Different Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts are also going to have different opinions. Some people might choose to favor different product categories just because they are interested in being contrarians, and some of them might have genuinely different opinions concerning the relative quality of different models of Harley Davidson motorcycles. However, of the different model categories, the Harley Davidson Sportsters have gotten the lion’s share of praise from motorcycle enthusiasts for a long time.

Lots of Harley riders are going to end up praising the Harley Davidson Sportster bikes. Their name is going to sound impressive even to the people who are outside of the subculture. The Sportster bikes are widely known to the people who love Harley Davidson motorcycles as some of the most versatile bikes on the market.

Lots of people have chosen Sportster models as their first Harley motorcycles, since some of them manage to be great for beginners. However, the people who are actually relying on their motorcycles for something as important as a commute to work are also frequently going to choose Sportster motor bikes over some of the other options. People who really like to be able to make an entrance at the average motorcycle bar are also going to frequently choose to drive their Sportsters.

People who are getting involved in the subculture for the first time might want to look into getting Sportsters. There are some specific models that are particularly good for the beginners. However, beginners who try Sportsters are demonstrating that they actually do know a thing or two about motorcycles already, and that they know which ones are going to deliver some of the best results for them. These are not the proverbial bikes with training wheels. These are the types of bikes that will manage to fit and flatter beginners as well as the professionals who are on the road.

People who want to be able to differentiate between speeds quickly and efficiently will be able to do so thanks to their Sportsters, which are great at being able to handle shifts in speed. The oldest models within this category and the newest models are all going to perform well. Sportsters really do have it all in many ways.

One of the keys to the popularity of the Sportster models, of course, is the simple fact that they have a tendency to be less expensive than a good portion of the other motor bikes. Beginners who aren’t sure about how they’re going to feel about this subculture should not make too much of an investment, and the Sportster bikes can certainly help in that regard. People who like to collect motorcycles are only going to want to spend so much money on the process, and the Sportster models can help with that.

However, in addition to being less expensive than many of the other motor bike models that are out there, the Sportster models are also more cost-effective. These are very reliable motorcycles. They’re not going to suddenly break down on anyone. People who buy them are usually going to spend a lot less on repairs than they would if they were trying to rely on other motor bike models. In that regard, people are ultimately going to end up saving even more money when they opt for the Sportster models instead of the models from the other product lines.

Indeed, expressing a preference for the Sportster models within the Harley Davidson product categories is going to be a thoroughly uncontroversial opinion for anyone to hold, and it is a good stance for beginners to take if they don’t think that they’re going to be able to hold their own in more involved discussions related to Harley Davidson bikes.


Harley Davidson motorcycles are more diverse than they initially appear to be, which will be evident to anyone who actually tries analyzing the product category for the first time. There are lots of other bikes even within the main product categories. The different model categories are going to vary in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, and physical parameters. However, there are still going to be preferred model categories emerging from the vast selection of motor bikes. Sportsters take the cake in the Harley Davidson fandom in many ways. Still, people will be able to find their own way in the Harley Davidson motorcycle fandom.

Gay Harley Riders that Bikers Roar Through Fabulous Dating Website

Gay Harley Riders that Bikers Roar Through Fabulous Dating Website

Dating sites have changed with the times and now gay individuals have more opportunities than ever to meet other singles who share their hobbies and interests. The most popular website for gay bikers to meet is, where gay motorcycle riders can meet others for friendship, or perhaps, a magical romantic connection.
When you visit, you will be instantly impressed with the friendliness of the site. Their overall image is sexy, smart and friendly, not smutty. Joining to meet partners for casual sex is fine as well. This company knows that gay biker dating is much like traditional dating, and individual needs and desires vary. Gay biker dating is unique in that, whether part of a club or a lone rider, gay bikers are an atypical breed who love the wind in their hair, the roar of an engine on an open road, and have a language and style all their own.
The site has incredible features available to members such as biker dating ideas, tattoo shows, gay biker fashion shows and more. Local news and events of interest to gay bikers is also included. The handy FAQ section explains how connections are made. For example, a wink is a short notification to someone to show you are interested. Winks are free; however, if you want to send an e-mail message you must upgrade to gold membership status.
Their site advises that to get the most responses, be sure to upload your photo and be detailed in your profile. They cite that those with photos get tons more responses than those without a photo. This makes perfect sense as although beauty is only skin deep, many users want to see a friendly smile with a profile rather than trying to imagine the person in their head. Also adding a photo helps you appear more honest and approachable. They also recommend making a lot of initial contacts to get some in return.

They also offer some handy tips such as checking your spam folder for e–mail messages that slip through the cracks of an e-mail filtering system. Imagine missing out on a connection of a lifetime because their initial contact was sitting in your junk mail folder! These types of simple, yet important tips make it easy to use the site and navigate your connections.

To get the most out of this fabulous gay biker dating site, be sure to include a recent photo and relevant information about your status, hobbies and interests. There is an area where you can list interests and be sure to mention the things you enjoy like movies, sports etc. as some of life is not lived on the road. They don’t have to exactly match your specific interests, it just serves to give you an idea of what this other guy is all about. That hot hunk in the designer leather chaps just might prefer chic flics to action movies. You never know! This ensures the likelihood that you will be not waste as much time screening out individuals with whom you would not be compatible.

Gay Motorcycle Rider’s site has a search engine that can’t be beat. Along with being able to choose men, women or couples, the member can also do custom searches by demographics, zip code and even “backseat riders”, with whom you can enjoy romance astride your powerful machine.

They also include valuable tips which are a must read for anyone new to gay biker dating. When new to any kind of dating, a person many not know where to start. or even how to date. Someone might be suddenly single through death or separation and not know how to get back in the game. Gay Motorcycle Riders makes connecting easy but doesn’t leave the matchmaking there. Meeting someone online is only half of it, the other fun hurdle is successfully dating another gay biker and having it be a rich and rewarding experience, no matter what type of encounter you seek.

One of the best features of Gay Motorcycle Riders is their active blog and message forum where you can read interesting slice of life stories from gay bikers The blogs are quite well written and get to the heart of issues and feelings common while educating yourself and others about issues that effect the gay and gay biker community. Whether it be a blog about a 9/11 memorial ride or a heartfelt memory of a person’s first biker experience, there are many entertaining blogs to read and on which to comment.

You can sign up at gay harley riders. The flavor of the site seems mainly for men; however, membership is open to men, women and couples who want to meet other gay bikers for friendship, love or a sexual encounter.

Biker Dating Tips for Single Ladies

Biker Dating Tips for Single Ladies

The fact is as follows: once meeting the biker, you will never be able to date an ordinary guy without the iron horse. The bikers have a constant spirit for movement and adventure, and their life is going on the wheels. The girl who wishes to meet a strong man with the bike should remember that a true biker will never betray his occupation, and she should support this hobby too.
At the biker show StuntRiding we come across a marvelous couple. Paul and Gulnara are thirty years together. They are happy all this time. The secret of their happy marriage lies clearly in the interests of the community to the motorcycle. Paul confessed that his bike was an outstanding remedy for stress. “Sometimes if I am tired, have much work, or something not goes well, I get behind the wheel and leave aimlessly, passing hundreds of two to three kilometers and return home a different man without any problems on my mind”.
Bike flirting isn’t an easy thing. There are many factors that can prevent you from dating a single biker. As a rule, bikers communicate by small closed communities and don’t let any strangers get inside their harmonious company. Anyway, each person is an individual, so the bikers can be very different too. If you want to date a biker, keep in mind that you should accept not only the man himself, but his favorite bike too.
So, you should read our dating tips first if you want to find a common language with a true biker:
Bikers’ day is busy and often painted on the clock. At night, it comes much calmer. For talk. And for thinking. So, the best time to go out with the biker is late evening.
ΓΌ In general, all bikers would like to create their own world; motorcycle culture with a single worldview and similar principles. You should carefully learn these principles before starting any relationship with a single biker.
Bikers are extremely true and devoted friends who stand each other mountain. Friendship is #1 principle in bikers’ communication. Your motorcycle lover can break through the nighttime and come to his friend for immediate help. You should accept this, or your relationship will crash quickly.
Consider your parents’ opinion about your new fashionable guy. As a rule, parents mind late comings, night walks and strange guys in leather jackets. The dating can turn into unbearable burden for you as a girl, so take your family’s opinion first.
Avoid extreme and lonely places for dating. Avoid going on the bike without a helmet. Your safety should be the priority. No guy is worth the sufferings of your family.
Try to learn biker jargon. Such words as ‘bark-or-lounger’, ‘fishtails’ and ‘flying colors’ should carry certain sense to you. If you just stand and have a blank look on your face, your boyfriend will never accept this. Share his passion in words and you will see the results.
If you dare dating a biker, you should keep many things in your head at the same time. However, bikers are very devoted and romantic boyfriends, so your choice will make you really lucky!

What Are Some Awesome Biker Dating Sites For Biker Dating?

What Are Some Awesome Biker Dating Sites For Biker Dating?

Biker dating is an awesome way to do single dating. This is because of one reason and that one reason is this. You are able to meet exactly what you are looking for with biker dating. If you want to have someone travel with you on the back of your bike, while you go on a weekend road trip or vacation, you can look for someone specifically who will fit in good on the back of your bike. However, if you just want to meet and mingle with other biker singles, who love biking and riding motorbikes just like you. You are able to do this, as well, in addition. Motorcycle dating is cool. It affords the biker single a great way to meet other quality biker singles who are looking for find single bikers to date for fun and companionship.
What are some awesome biker dating sites for biker dating? Please read on to learn more. You won’t regret it. If anything, you will love to discover these great biker dating sites, just so you can check them out to find the right someone to do motorcycle dating for yourself overall. Biker dating is indeed very exciting with these various biker dating sites being available. Because these biker dating sites specialize in bringing together biker singles who are looking for motorcycle dating. Five of the top biker dating sites will be shared here for all biker singles to know and get to use for their personal dating needs. Therefore, please read on, in order to learn about them. They are as follows:
  1. – is a top biker dating site that will bring you lots of biker singles who are looking to mingle. What is great about is very clear. They are a biker singles dating site that can accommodate you and your motorcycle dating personal requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for someone to accompany you on the back of your bike or if you are looking for the right biker partner in life who loves to ride a motorbike and appreciate the biker life. This site is both popular and has been very successful in bringing many biker singles together for dating and more.
  1. – is a biker dating site that has been catering to biker singles since 2006. It is a biker dating website that does continue to grow more and more every day. They do have some very special features which other biker dating sites doesn’t seem to have. Some of these features do include a chat room that has audio and video capabilities. There is also the ability to instant message other members and to talk to them one on one personally.
  1. – is just what the name entails. It is about having the personality ability to meet bikers that are close to you in distance or who lives in the very same locale as you do. This is also a top of the line biker dating site that was created by bikers with biker dating life in mind. It doesn’t get any better than that. They also have a chat room where you can meet other bikers to chat and mingle with freely. This biker dating site is awesome.

  1. – isn’t just a site to do dating with other bikers. It is also something else. What is this something else? The answer is this. It is a biker site that is about socializing with other bikers. It isn’t about dating in description. This site acts more like a social network for bikers to come to and hang out together. However, there are many biker singles, who do come here to meet other quality biker singles like themselves. It’s just that the focus isn’t just on dating. It is also about socializing and being a meeting ground for bikers from all around.

  1. – is a site that is for bikers and not riders. Site members that come here are very serious about the biking life in a major way. They are looking to meet others who are just as serious about it, as they are, and this is what makes this site very unique from among the other biker dating sites online.

These are just a few of the many awesome and out there biker dating sites in the internet world. If you are a biker and want to meet other quality bikers like yourself for dating and what not. Please feel free to visit these top biker dating sites and get your motorcycle dating going in high gear in

BikerKiss Biker Kiss Login Dating Review

BikerKiss Biker Kiss Login Dating Review

There is nothing in the world quite like having a significant other with whom you have a lot in common. For a biker, that person just has to be another biker. Perhaps you go on road trips with your biker mates and spend so much time together on the highway that you rarely ever get to meet someone who you think will be THAT one. Or maybe you are a lone rider, making your way through states just enjoying yourself though you still never meet that person. Do not worry, we are in the 21st century where everybody owns a Smartphone or at least has an internet connection. And as you’ve probably heard before, online dating is a sure way for you to meet new people. Biker Kiss is the largest, one of the best biker dating sites and you will definitely meet new biker friends.

 How do you join Biker Kiss? Registration is 100% free and will only take you a couple of minutes to fill in the required details. Once you are in you will have to choose between the offered membership types. These are standard and gold memberships. Standard membership is completely free and gives you access such as sending winks, commenting on profiles of other users you like, searching by location or username. Upgrading to Gold membership will give you unlimited services and premium features.

The sight of a good bike is magnificent and all bikers will be drawn in immediately. Knowing this, Biker Kiss has a whole section set up just for motorcycle photos. You can upload numerous photos of your mean machine(s) and comment on them. This section lets you browse all photos of every member’s motorcycles and you can immediately get an impression. After all, we tend to like what we see, don’t we? You can even make new friends or your future soul mate by starting a conversation about that beast of a machine he/she owns. You never know where a bike will lead you!

The lifestyle of a biker is largely symbolized by tattoos. Almost all bikers have a tattoo. Whether it is really tiny or the whole of your body is covered in ink is insignificant. The love of tattoos is what matters and what we find beautiful. Biker kiss has got you covered by having a section that members can upload their biker tattoos. Personally I spend a lot of time browsing these photos. What is more appealing than a hot bike owned by a hot person with insanely hot tattoos?

Finding a true lover often entails finding someone who is doing well in life. Biker Kiss leads the way in biker dating sites by verifying members and certifying bikers. Verifying members’ service provides users three ways to verify their age, photo, income, occupation, education and driving license. You decide to verify your account by providing ID photo. Some people think it unacceptable at the beginning, but you can see many users would like to work with the site together to improve the network real-name system. If you cannot accept this way for verifying your account, the site offers another way to verify photo — Take a photo with your username and the site name “” on a piece of paper. For certified bikers, members verify account by sending their motorcycle driving licenses and show a CERTIFIED symbol under profile.

So you have identified this hot person with a good bike and you think you can ride along together in life quite well, what next? Use the services in Biker Kiss! Send winks/icebreaker, send a message; generally just start a conversation. Do not let your shyness get the better of you and let the opportunity slip. Get on it, you might just have found the one thing that brought you to a biker dating site.

Additional features on Biker kiss include forums and blogs, first date ideas, news, biker videos and greeting cards. Biker Videos are great fun to watch and you can upload your own as well. Watch as professional and amateur bikers get on the road or pull off some unreal stunts or something of the sort. First Date Ideas can be a good place to identify people you may have something more than biker passions in common with. Here you can find posts of how other bikers picture their ideal first date. As a tip, post yours too to get more profile hits. Forums and blogs are also a good way to keep up with biker trends. Click on the Daily Biker News to see what is happening all over the world related to bikers.


With Biker Kiss and its amazing features such as biker social networking and a large database of biker profiles loaded with videos and pictures; there is absolutely no excuse for you to be a bored and lonely biker. Register today, post your pictures and videos and get started finding your biker true love.

BikerPlanet Biker Planet Review

BikerPlanet Biker Planet Review

Biker Planet is one of the most popular new dating websites for biker singles online today. Bikerplanet has a lot going for it as a dating platform. For one thing, it’s always great to see a website that has a mission statement and extensive information right there on the opening page. Bikers Planet is not a website that feels the need to keep people guessing. They’re not going to need to explore the website thoroughly for themselves in order to learn whether or not they like it.
People can do live chats and instant messaging with the Biker Planet website. They aren’t going to have to meet in person after a very brief period of time spent on communicating through the website itself in a limited context. Biker Planet dating is more thorough than that. People in this situation will be able to receive solid introductions to each other in the process of biker dating. All online daters need to be able to arrange to meet in person, and in a public place if they want to make sure that they’re doing online dating responsibly. However, Biker Planet will be able to give people the introduction that they will need to get that far.
People who have used Grindr are going to be familiar with a lot of the manner in which Biker Planet works. They will be able to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on certain dating profiles based on the profile itself or just the picture. As such, people will be able to narrow down their selections as much as possible, which is that much more important on a website like Biker Planet. This Rapid Match system will allow people to get a sense of who they are looking for and who they should rule out when they are doing their online dating search.
One of the most important questions to ask about any dating website, especially a biker dating website, is how many people are on the website. Websites that just don’t have a lot of members aren’t going to be able to give anyone a particularly good match, because the selection pool will be so narrow. Biker Planet is an aptly named website. This is a website that has a fairly substantial membership. People can go there in order to meet bikers who really may as well live all over the planet. However, they should be able to find some relatively local individuals as well.
Biker Planet dating is also going to be easier for people over thirty than lots of other types of biker dating. This website prides itself on catering to people who have reached many different ages. It isn’t just a website oriented towards the youngest of modern adults. Lots of bikers have plenty of experience, and they would love the opportunity to bond with adults who have a comparable level of experience, rather than just meeting the young adults who are giving this hobby a try for the first time. Many different thirty-somethings have contributed a positive Biker Planet review or two, demonstrating that this website is good for the people who are in that age category.
BikerPlanet is also not going to be an intimidating place for people in general. All websites begin to develop a character over time. Some of them eventually attract people who are interested in brief dating. Others attract people who are looking for commitment that is more long-term. Plenty of other dating sites avoid falling into either category, and they manage to be friendly to people all over the spectrum instead. Biker Planet has managed to be friendly to a wide range of different biker singles who have different styles of relationships in mind. They should all be able to find people who they find interesting and lovable.
The Biker Planet website is very easy to use. People should not have a difficult time figuring out how to really navigate through its straightforward platform. This is a website that the casual online dater will be able to appreciate, and it will still satisfy the people who are more seasoned online dating professionals. Biker dating is going to be easier than ever thanks to the existence of online communities like this one.

Biker or not Social Network Review

Social networking is extremely popular and common in today’s world. One of the most well known platforms is Facebook. People love Facebook for many reasons, but especially because you can connect with people from far away, not to mention keep in contact with people who are close by. Bikers or not is a social networking site that is specifically designed for bikers. If you have a passion for biking and you want to be surrounded by like minded people with similar interests, this is the perfect place for you. Sometimes it can be hard to find people who have similar interests as you on a normal everyday basis. If you move somewhere and you don’t know anyone, it can make this task even more difficult. Consider using a site like Bikers or not to tell you get to know other bikers in the area that you are in. It’s really great to have a platform like Facebook to connect with people, and it’s even better to have a platform specifically designed for people who have similar interests as you.
Biker or not is definitely not limited to just being a dating site. However, there are dating features included within this social media platform. While looking on the profile of a biker, you can click “yes” if you would like to ride on the back of the bike as a passenger. If two bikers both click yes on each others profile, then they will both be notified of this. In the situation that only one person clicks yes, nobody is notified. Nobody wants to face confrontation in this world. Many people have a fear of rejection. The feature on this site gives people the chance to express a “yes” towards the biker that they find attractive or would want to get to know more. At the same time, the biker will not have to face rejection. This feature is especially great among shy individuals who have a harder time with things like this in person.
This social media platform has a lot to offer bikers. There is another section called “Bike Garage”, which is a personal gallery on each profile. This section gives bikers the ability to see what the other biker is riding. Some bikers are very particular about the types of bikes they ride. At the same time, what better way for a biker man to show off to a gal than to show off all the bikes he owns? Bikers have the ability to invite people to a ride, involving the ability to create a ride or event, search events, and join others’ events. From this feature, it is clear to see that this is not just a dating site for bikers. Folks could go on this site just to find events nearby. If meeting people in person is more of the bikers style, they can find events, and attend them in order to meet people more of the old fashioned way. Biker or not provides a wonderful space for friends all over the world to meet up. Many bikers do a lot of traveling. While traveling, there are sometimes areas where you don’t know many people. There is nothing to fear if you use Biker or not because you will never have to worry about not knowing people. You can meet people and then attend their events. This site will make sure it never leaves you short of friends and fun activities/events to attend.
Similarly to many other social media platforms, there are features that one may be used to from Facebook and other sites. For example, there are fan pages and biker groups. On Facebook, there are also fan pages and groups to join. Anything that you can get on most social media platforms, you can probably get on Biker or not. The main difference that makes Biker or not special is that it is designed for a specific set of people. One feature that is unique to this platform is the motorcycle store. Bikers will have the ability to set up an online motorcycle store and sell motorcycles on the site. If you recently purchased a new bike and you need some extra money, sell the old one.
If you are a biker seeking a way to get to know more people with similar interests as you, this is definitely the right place for you. If you would like to use this as a dating site to find other bikers, you definitely can. Otherwise, this is a great place for bikers to make friends and find fun events to attend. This is a really great site with many promising features that all bikers will find splendid.